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Welcome to Illuminated Visions 2024

We are so excited to welcome you at Cypress College on April 18th, from 7PM-10PM. Illuminated Visions is a projection mapping show, displaying art from video artists from around the world. Projection mapping is an augmented reality field, where artists design their work based on the shape of architectural shapes.


One of the great places to see projection mapping is the Castle in Disneyland, where each night the building is transformed into a magical place by animation and motion design. The same way Illuminated Visions artists are transforming our brutalist architecture by projecting their art visions on the surfaces. This event is completely free, family friendly and open to the public.


















Warm up - performances from the Cypress College Dance department and music


The show begins. We light up

  • the Wedge

  • the Tower

  • and play our curated student art show



Free projection play. Those who are interested can bring their computers and live map on the highlighted structures. We use Resolume and Madmapper with our large venue 12K Panasonic projectors.



Cypress College Media Arts Design is the first department offering education in projection mapping among the community colleges in the country. Though projection mapping is well known in other parts of the world, it is just gaining recognition in the USA, specially in the West-Coast.  We organized this event to promote this creative field and to bring the magic of projection mapping to the public. Please see our website to learn more about what we offer on a community college budget for anyone who wants to learn. If you wish to see student work, take a look at this website for specific examples in motion and projection design as well as visual development. 


To find the venue please take a look at this page:


We will be in front of the CCPLEX building (#6 on the map). The best parking choice is Parking lot 1 but PLEASE DON'T PARK IN FACULTY OR STAFF SPOTS BECAUSE THEY WILL TICKET YOU!!!


If you would like to learn more about the history of our buildings please see following links:




Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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